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The TeenNick HALO Awards
At the HALOs, celebs honor teens who Help And Lead Others.
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 The halo awards are awesome and u get to hang out...
77 5
16 months ago
Is anyone else excited about the huge flood of ill...
200 5
20 months ago
make a difference go green. turn off the lights.. ...
66 3
22 months ago
 Hi my names Victoria Hollins and I'm 16 years old...
70 2
22 months ago
 The Halo awards shouldn't be for certain ages, th...
417 22
25 months ago
Thanks for supporting public education classrooms ...
51 3
29 months ago
i think that i should be abel to get a halo award ...
354 8
30 months ago
I have tried repeatedly to submit my nomination fo...
171 4
31 months ago
this years Halo awards which of the four people di...
65 3
Everything That Matters(:
36 months ago
I understand what is trying to be done with the ha...
70 3
36 months ago
Join Mary and I on Twitter and use the hashtag #HA...
34 2
36 months ago
 omg i am obsessed with the HALO awards i think th...
35 2
Mrs. Goldsworthy
37 months ago
The Halo Awards are given to those who are deservi...
311 18
Mrs. Goldsworthy
37 months ago
I really don't think this is a good Halo Awards th...
184 2
Mrs. Goldsworthy
37 months ago
Dear Nick, I know that a lot of kids ask this que...
41 1
Mrs. Goldsworthy
37 months ago
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